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X6 Game: Professional Mobile Game Developer

X6 Game, one of the top mobile game developers in China which was founded in 2005, is dedicated to the development of mobile games.

70 titles of various genres have been released by X6 Game since the date of its foundation, including the famous strategic gameDragon Kingdom which is global oriented. X6 Game has received several media awards in the last 5 years, which represent the common acceptance from both users and partners. The company is currently actively seeking a share in the global market.

Our Mission

X6 Game's mission is to offer high-class products and to serve global smart phone users.

Our Goal

X6 Game's goal is to become the leading mobile game developer globally, and to offer high-quality mobile games to global mobile users.

The company has a development team of professionals that is experienced in mobile game development. Team members came from everywhere, who are elites in the game industry, including senior designers, excellent artists, and skillful programmers. All these people gather in X6 Game to produce better products with hard working.