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free strategy mobile game- Hero Kingdom
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  • free strategy game Hero Kingdom screen
  • free strategy game Hero Kingdom screen

    Although the rebel army led by Kyla Dill was defeated in the end, the ancient dragons in Aurontile were also scarred. Members from the rebel army scattered all around the Sea of Hope, and their faith did not fade away as time flew by. Instead, the sacred faith urged them to become the strongest! With the calm before a storm secretly coming around, the rebels were waiting for the best opportunity to set off a wave of uprisings sweeping the whole land for the second time! As the lord of your land, are you going to retire from the world and live for nothing? Or, will you join the rebel army to retrieve the honor which you used to have? The future of Hero Kingdom depends on your choice!

    Hero Kingdom perfectly integrates real-time strategy and military cultivation. With the innovative interactive combat experience and the full range of hero cultivation system, and even the epic-style immersion, all these will be displayed in front of your eyes without reservations by Hero Kingdom. The moment you become a lord will be written in the history!

    The kingdom needs more heroes so as to be powerful, the people who often wander in taverns and it looks like that they are also looking for opportunities to serve the kingdom. If you're lucky enough to run into such heroes, and recruit them, revival of the kingdom will be around the corner. However, the military strength of the whole kingdom doesn't solely depend on individual heroes - the combination of heroes and armies, as well as the cooperation between heroes are also crucial. All this, which appears to be simple, will become your strength as a part of a meritorious king's work.

    Topics on domestic and foreign policies are never gone. As the kingdom becomes more powerful under your domination, the evil forces that hide in darkness will never miss a chance to terminate you. This is exactly why you need a legion of your own. You and your allies support each other with mutual benefits, to fight against forces of darkness. And finally, you'll become the strongest one in Hero Kingdom!


    Traditional European countryside, featured with green grass, blue ocean, flying seagulls, and far ancient castles standing on the wide land, provide an immersive experience and strong visual impact. The graphics are full of details and vividness even on your small screen.


    With the one server technology, players all over the world will compete on the same stage. A spark of island dispute, for example, may even lead to the war of ten thousand people. There're various minor gameplays other than basic quests of island owner- resource exchange between islands, collecting crop mutually, maintaining alliance with other islands, exploring the world map, alliance war against external forces, etc.. Thus the island owner is required to be with diplomatic capacity, and you must be very careful in maintaining relationship with other islands - you earn a friend or an enemy just with a thought.

    The gameplay can be summarized as following:

    • - you own an individual island in the vast ocean;
    • - you are enabled to recruit heroes, to develop armies and raise the whole race at will;
    • - you are enabled to strengthen your forces by all kinds of means, and finally dominate the whole game of Hero Kingdom.
    • - Ghost Ship Challenge: After the island owner has recruited a hero and soldiers of his own, he can then challenge the ghost ship. There're 100 levels in the ghost ship, and your hero gains EXP after finishing each level, plus a certain rate of finding collection chest of the corresponding level. Challeng of 100 levels provides 100 different senses of achievement.
    • - Pirate Battle: It's the major daily quest of players in Hero Kingdom to set off for fighting pirates, which is one of the ways to gain EXP. As the most powerful enemies in the game, there are 14 pirates in total. They're furious but rewarding.. Fight for honor! Fight for rewards! Fight for freedom!
    • - Robbing Collection: A powerful island owner will surely possess lots of rare collections! Items collected can be exchanged into high-level items. However, it's far from enough to collect solely in the battle, and it's a good choice to rob collection from others! Only losers steal, and winners rob!
  • OS: ios 4.3 and above
  • Devices: iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3 and above, all iPads including the new iPad mini