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  • Welcome to the Movie Town, which will realize your dream of building a city of Hollywood Movie!
    A new city simulation game with the theme of movies is now available. If you are a huge fan of movies and western scenes, hurry up to try the shooting scene of 3D Hollywood movies! From TheShawshankRedemption to Harry Potter, from The Ring to Titanic, 108 classic movies of more than 10 genres gathers for the first time, and the shooting graphics is both funny and beautiful. You absolutely don't want to miss this game as a movie enthusiast!

    How To Play

    Build shooting scenes, invite friends to star in your film and decorate the shooting town! The most realistic shooting scene is waiting for your visiting!
    You can get rewarded by constructing different types of buildings for shooting different genres of movies! While shooting different movies, your personalized perfect town is decorated with fine buildings! Invite friends to star in your movie, and develop your town!


    - Construct different types of buildings, attract more residents, and shoot more movies!
    - Sad and beautiful love in Ghost, the terrifying Nightmare on Elm Street, the visual feast in Star Wars, the magical fiction of Lord of Rings... 108 classic movies of more than 10 genres, all in City of Movie!
    - The realistic movie shooting: shooting graphics can be replayed, and varies with different genres of movies, the fun is infinite; small budget, big budget and super budget films are available; director is the boss, and you can decide the star;
    - Collection system with rich content - poster of classic movies. You'll be rewarded with posters of classic movies once you've completed the shooting. You really can't miss any poster if you are a movie enthusiast! Let's check your collection!
    - Buildings are divided into 5 functions, and dozens of models can be used as you develop your city.
    - With the brand new Popularity system, your city is more popular with more movies completed. When the popularity gauge is fully filled, a carnival is available and your income will be doubled!
    - With the interesting achievement system, you'll be rewarded with green coins which don't cost your real money, and your game costs can be charged with this right in the game!
    - With the Friend system, you not only can visit your friend's city after adding a friend, but also can invite your friend to star in your film.

  • OS: IOS 4.2 and above
  • Supported devices: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3, iPod Touch 4
  • Like Sim City - It's almost like Sim City. Addictive. Challenges. Fun. Nothing bad to say. - Kraaazzy
  • Very good - I've played several city-management games and this one is really good. - Yas-s-smin