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Play Your Video with MX Player for Android

Nowadays Android smart phones and tablets have evolved as one of the most popular gadgets used by people who love entertainment devices. Such portable devices have enough screen to watch movies and other videos. People in mobile would no longer to go to cinema to watch their favorite movies. They can stream them through these magnificent devies.

The Android apps store has been offering many video players to answer people's demand in movie watching experience. Though some devices' providers already inserted pre-installed software in the OS, many third parties are offering their apps for free. Some of the current video players provide interesting features that make them usable and popular among the gadget users.

One which is emerging is MX Player for Android. This video player is certainly the most popular player in the Android Apps Market. What makes it different at the first part is the enhancement system that makes video quality a lot better than we play it in another app. MX Player has powerful advanced codecs.

You can watch movie with your family through your gadget. The other stunning additional feature is Child Lock. The feature allows you to restrict access to other apps while you play the video. It is useful when you let your kids or others watch a video from your smart phone.

MX Player for Android is very solid and sophisticated video player for your tablets or smart phones. Videos are played well, the subtitles displayed very great. The colors are bright and high quality. You can enjoy watching movies on the go with this app.

Other features that you can try when running the videos:
Zoom in/Zoom Out. With just pinching the screen with your thumb and fore finger, you can either zoom in or out the video.
Forward backward – Of course these are a must have feature for all video players. Without pressing any other buttons, you can easily move the scenes backward or forward just like you also do in usual video player.
Brightness control. On the left side, you can use this feature by dragging your finger up or down to adjust the brightness. Depending on your necessity, it allows you to maintain the brightness for each video.
Volume control – The Must have feature that will allow you to control video volume as you wish. On the right side, you can drag your finger up or down to adjust the volume.

While conducting the video playing, you can see different cool options like play, display, subtitle, and other tools. To conclude, you will find best experience in playing your HD Video by using MX Player for Android.